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Recover Health is dedicated to providing medical care that meets the need of its patients.


Enjoy expert care at home

A professional medical team will come to you. All teams wear personal protective equipment and use sterilized equipment.

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The Place Where You Are Healthy Is At Home

ReCOVer Health is moving beyond four walls to deliver best-in-class care—for all levels of need—to the place a patient feels most comfortable.

About us

We Are Committed To Making A Difference

of our customers rate the service we deliver as “excellent.”
of our employees say ReCOVer Health is a great place to work—nearly 20% higher than the average company.
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Our Platform

We’re transforming and transcending facility-based healthcare, moving beyond four walls to bring best-in class care—for all levels of need—to the place a patient feels most comfortable. 

Our right-sized care model isn’t just an innovative response to over-utilization of the ER, it’s a long-term solution boasting improved health outcomes, significant cost savings, and seamless clinical integration. Contact Us

ReCOVer Health has managed more than 500,000 interactions to support mitigation.
Premier go to organization the for the hospitality and entertainment industry for the last 18 months – hotels, restaurants, studio and television. ​

Healthcare for you

We’re bringing together the best talent in the country to create new and better ways to deliver healthcare in the home, care for the most vulnerable patients, improve health outcomes, and save lives.

Join a team driven by innovation, compassion, and the courage to see healthcare differently


We were one of the first institutions to use this company and couldn't be happier. They filled a void, they filled a need, they did it faster, they did it cheaper, and they did it more efficiently than anybody else in the city and have literally been a life saver for the Hospitality Industry.

Butch Spyridon

President and CEO of Nashville Convention and Visitors Corporation


The operational perfection that was brought to our Community Assessment Centers has been implemented with Recover Health and the industries that are using them are quickly getting results and getting professional service that one would expect and are helping keep businesses open.

Dr. Alex Jahangir

Chair of the Nashville Coronavirus Task Force